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Bruce Brice-1.jpg

September 2022

Bruce Brice

Bruce is in our Paving Division and has been with us for 10 years. He always loves spending time with his family.

Thompson, Cody.jpg

August 2022

Cody Thompson

Cody is in our Milling Division. His favorite food is Chinese food and his go-to is beef & broccoli.

Hodges, Mike.jpg

July 2022

Mike Hodges

Mike is a truck driver and has been here 19 years. He has a 1977 Ford that he loves working on.

Brown, Matrice.jpg

June 2022

Matrice Brown

Matrice recently started training on the screed. He enjoys playing cornhole and horseshoes.

Alfred Black-1.jpg

April 2022

Alfred Black

Alfred is a part of our QC Division and loves all of the work with balanced mix design.

Derek Haislip.jpg

March 2022

Derek Haislip

Derek is a Paver Operator. He loves kayaking and riding ATV's any chance he gets.

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