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November 2020 Employee of the Month:

AJ Mallory

AJ is a Milling Machine Operator on Alex Gibbs' milling crew. He has worked at Colony for 6 years now and shared that his job is a lot of fun. 

Winter is coming up and that's AJ's favorite time of year. He said he loves the cold and snow. He has always lived here in Virginia and currently lives in Amelia. AJ has one daughter who is 7 years old and he said that everything he does is for her.

A few of AJ's co-workers had some great things to say about him. Jermaine Crawley shared, "AJ is an all around coworker. He teaches, he corrects, he coordinates. He's willing to help anyone out who is willing to learn. He's taught me a great deal about milling and paving since I've started working for Colony Construction and I may add, his attendance is perfect. He's here everyday. In my opinion, he's an all around employee!"

DeAntay Mayo added, "AJ is a great asset to the crew. He has great leadership skills, great training skills, and great people skills."

William Davis also said, "AJ took the time to teach the crew their responsibilities and duties. He keeps the crew in high spirits and motivated. AJ also takes charge and becomes the crew leader to get the job done."

Excellent job, AJ! Thank you for all that you do! We are very proud to have you a part of the Colony team!


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