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September 2022 Employee of the Month:

Bruce Brice

Bruce has been here at Colony for 10 years now. Congratulations on this awesome work anniversary milestone Bruce! He is currently in our Paving Division on AJ's Paving crew.

Bruce said one of his favorite things about his job is the work environment and being with his crew. Bruce happily said, "They're like family."

Bruce is definitely a family man. Alongside his work family, outside of work he enjoys spending quality time with his family. Like a lot of our employees here, Bruce has a family member here at Colony, his step-father, Eldridge. Bruce talked about how he's excited to spend Thanksgiving with everyone at his Grandmother's house in Powhatan. He's looking forward to his favorite Thanksgiving side dish, mac and cheese.

Bruce always has a friendly smile on his face and a great attitude about work. Paving Foreman, AJ Coleman, applauded Bruce. "He's on time every day to work. He will fill in where I need him to. He helps the guys out and makes sure things are going good when I have to step away from the paver. He also helps train the guys on new equipment.”

Thank you Bruce for your continued dedication over the years! We are so thankful you're a part of the Colony family!



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