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August 2022 Employee of the Month:

Cody Thompson

Cody has been with us for 8 years now. He has been in our Milling Division from the start and is currently on Dylan's Milling crew.

Cody said one of his favorite things about his job is the crew he works with. When Cody's not at work he enjoys working on his Chevrolet S-10 truck that he's been building. It's a full air ride and he's been working on it for a few years now. He also has a 1987 Chevrolet K-10 that he's been working on recently too.

Cody's favorite food is Chinese food and his go-to is beef and broccoli. Summer is his favorite season but he'll usually vacation in the winter months during our layoff season. During this time he loves going down to Sarasota, Florida where his Mom lives.

Milling Foreman, Dylan Tyree, complimented Cody. "If I can describe Cody in one word, it's consistent. He is always early, he never misses time, and he has come a long way since I've been running the crew. He does well running the side of the mill and takes pride in keeping his truck clean, organized, and prepared for the day. He assists with making sure the mill is fueled up ready to go and also helps with traffic and any other needs. He also has an eye for things of a mechanical nature, spotting out things that need to be fixed or repaired. He is an integral part of the crew."

Thank you Cody for your consistent hard work! We are so glad to have you on the Colony team!



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