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August 2019 Employee of the Month:

Ricardo Pereyra Garcia

Ricardo is a Sweeper Truck Operator and joined us here at Colony May of this year! Ricardo served in the Marines for 10 years where he adopted his nickname P-12. Since his last name starts with a P and is 13 letters long, he quickly became known as P-12. When Ricardo is not at work he enjoys riding horses and hopes to have some horses at his Powhatan home one day. When asked, "What is something you can't live without?" Ricardo proudly said that he can't live without his family. Ricardo shared that he loves to work and likes how Colony is family oriented and there's great comradery within the company, which reminds him a lot of being in the military.

Our Director of Operations, Blake Rogers, spoke highly of Ricardo,

"Ricardo was hired to work at Colony to perform the task of sweeper truck operator. Ricardo was definitely headed on a crash course training schedule to perform this task. Ricardo, a former military member took the challenge head on. He exceeded expectations for his job performance capabilities and maintenance of the vehicle in a short amount of time. Ricardo continued to excel, within a three week period of employment he started training another Colony employee to operate this same vehicle.


The current feedback from the re-acceptance of his services to the crews has been very positive to include his work ethics and pride in what he does. Along those same lines he drives the most expensive piece of rolling stock Colony has purchased in 30 years. When you see Ricardo, take a moment to recognize what it looks like to love what you do and take ownership of your daily job responsibilities." 

Excellent job Ricardo! We are happy that you joined us here at Colony this year!