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August 2020 Employee of the Month:

Joe Durrbeck

Joe is a Mechanic here at Colony and he has been here for 10 years now. When Joe first started working here, he started out as a truck driver. Joe went to welding school in '71 and after school he joined the U.S. Navy and served from '72 - '73. He also served in Vietnam during this time. 

Joe said he was able to reconnect with one of his best friends Bill from the Navy. About 10 years ago, Bill had found Joe's daughter on Facebook and reached out and that's how they reconnected. Now they keep in touch as often as they can.

Joe has 3 sons and 1 daughter along with a total of 7 grandchildren, including 3 grandsons and 4 granddaughters. Outside of work, Joe really enjoys fishing and likes to fish on the James River. 

Thanks to Willie, Lisa, Blake O, Pole, Markus, Mark, Rosel, & Tyler for nominating Joe! Lisa shared some wonderful things about Joe.

"Joe! Where does one even start? Joe is 100% the most genuine human we have ever had the pleasure of meeting. Joe's attention to detail when he is mentoring or welding is indescribable! Joe has been with Colony for a while. Within this time, no job has been too big or too small! He has engineered custom trailers and platforms for our crews and truck drivers to make their hard jobs easier. We could certainly go on and on about how awesome Joe is. Here are just a few of many highlights."

Awesome job, Joe! We're so happy you are a part of our Colony team! Thank you for all of your commitment and hard work over the years! 


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