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July 2020 Employee of the Month:

Markus Dickerson

Markus is a Mechanic and he's been with us at Colony for four years now. When he started working here, for the first two years he started out working in the field. Then he had the opportunity to become a Mechanic, so he jumped on it. Markus said, "I love turning wrenches. I've been a gearhead or motorhead ever since I started working on cars."

Markus also loves working on his own car at home. He's really into drag racing as well and is currently building his own drag car. He built the motor himself and says the car is about halfway complete. Markus is also in a car club and enjoys going to car shows on his time off. 

Markus has been married to his wife Katia for 5 years and they have an 8 year old son, MJ. At home, he loves to cook and some of his favorite meals to prepare are steak and ribs. 

Thank you to all shop employees (shout out to Patrick, Mark, Willie, Lisa, Rosel, Pole, Joe, Blake O, and Tyler) for nominating Markus! Some really great things were said about Markus. "Markus has worked for Colony for a while now. He is adaptable and has worked nights and days, and back to night, and once again on days. He is always laughing or joking. All his fellow mechanics enjoy working with him. He is knowledgable and reliable. He is always ready to help and jump in where he is needed."

Excellent job, Markus! We're grateful to have you with us at Colony! Thank you for all of your hard work and all that you do! 


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