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May 2021 Employee of the Month:

Tiffany Tillman

Tiffany has been with us for almost one year. Her one year work anniversary is coming up this August. She first started out as a Dump Truck Driver and now Tiffany is a Tack Truck Driver and has been driving the tack truck for about 3 months now. She said she absolutely loves it and loves how there is always a challenge. She's also had a chance to lute as well as operate the skid steer, roller, and water truck.

When asked, what has been your favorite part about working at Colony so far? Tiffany answered, "The experience and the family work environment. There's open opportunity everywhere." When she's not at work Tiffany loves to spend time with family. She said she loves to be spontaneous and that she definitely has a gypsy soul. She also enjoys the mountains and being outdoors.

Tiffany wanted to say thank you to both her late brother and father as they have both passed away too soon. They were both diesel mechanics and she wanted to give them both a big thank you for introducing her to this industry.

Our Paving Foreman Neil Williams had a lot of great things to say about Tiffany. "She has helped my crew by sweeping sidewalks and blowing curbs with the blower when we were in a parking lot. When we were in Petersburg, she helped direct dump trucks and traffic for me. She will do anything I ask her to do. She has been a big help to me and my crew and she's pretty good with the tack truck also."​​

Excellent work Tiffany! We are so happy to have you be a part of the Colony team! Thank you for all of your continued hard work and commitment!


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