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July 2022 Employee of the Month:

Mike Hodges

We are proud to say Mike has been with Colony for 19 years in our trucking division! Mike said, "I just enjoy driving, I always have. I'm also enjoying driving the new truck!"

Outside of work Mike enjoys working on his old truck. He has a 1977 Ford. He also loves spending time with his daughter Breanna. Mike also has a baby girl in heaven, Ashley Dixie Lynn. His daughter Breanna is 18 years old. Breanna just started her senior year at Amelia High School and has been enjoying her welding classes. Mike also has a 1.5 year old heeler/walker mix named Reno.

Trucking Foreman, Adam Lawson had wonderful things to say about Mike. "Mike is one of our lowboy drivers that hauls our equipment from job to job and hauls anything we own from 4-ton rollers to the big mills and MTV. Mike is always on time and comes in early if needed to have equipment on the job on time. Mike works on weekends if needed to have equipment in place for Monday.

The other week Mike was scheduled off on Wednesday for a doctors appointment and had to take off for his uncle’s funeral on Thursday. Knowing how short handed we are, he came in after his doctors appointment and worked late moving equipment in place and came in early on Thursday and moved equipment in place before his uncle’s funeral. Mike has worked til 7:30pm or later and came in the next day at 5:00am to make sure equipment was on the job for the crews.

Mike always looks at a two week outlook on the weekends to get a plan for the week on who’s moving and what equipment will be needed and calls me when he sees any issues of all crews moving on same day or broken equipment needed. Mike always has a good attitude to everyone he comes in contact with at work and outside of work when asked how Colony is doing. I think he plays a big part in Colony’s operations and does it with care for the company and with a great attitude. I think Mike should be recognized for his great work effort he puts in at Colony every day."

Thank you Mike for your continued hard work and dedication over the years! We are so thankful you are a part of the Colony family!



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