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October 2020 Employee of the Month:

Nick Payne 

Nick is one of our Tack Truck Operators. He has been at Colony 9 years now. When Nick first started working at Colony, he was a Dump Truck Driver, then became a Water Truck Driver, and now he is a Tack Truck Operator. Nick said his favorite position so far is definitely Tack Truck Operator and he really enjoys it. 

Nick was born and raised in Powhatan and still lives there today. On Nick's time off, he loves doing yard work at his house and at his Dad's house, who lives nearby.

Our Vice President, Harry King had some wonderful things to say about Nick. "Nick has been with Colony since 2011. Nick came onboard as a truck driver. As our need for additional tack truck drivers became evident, Nick accepted this challenge without hesitation. Nick has excelled in his ability to operate and maintain this highly technical vehicle. Recently, I had the opportunity to spend some time on the paving schedule where Nick was working. It didn’t take long to see Nick’s work ethic in action. In addition to operating the tack truck, Nick assists the crew with layout, painting lines and running the broom tractor. Nick does all of these tasks with an upbeat and positive attitude. When asked if he needed help or wanted me to run the broom tractor, Nick replied, 'I got it man…I’m pretty particular about how well the road gets cleaned before I tack.' Thank you Nick (Corn Bread) Payne for a job well done!"

Some other great things were said about Nick. "Nick provides a very professional job everyday with a smile and a great attitude. He also goes beyond the tack truck duties and helps with most layout tasks. He has no problem getting out the blower or getting on the broom to clean the road. This type of 'let's just get it done' attitude is a relief to have on the job."


Well deserved, Nick! Thank you for all your hard work and everything you do! We are so glad to have you with us at Colony!


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