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September 2020 Employee of the Month:

Tony Johnson 

Antonio "Tony" Johnson is an Operator at our Powhatan Asphalt Plant. He has been with us at Colony a little over 2 years. 

Tony talked about his job and said, "It's cool and it's a big challenge." He enjoys how his job is different from day to day and he said that he loves working. Tony wears many hats. Outside of working at Colony, he enjoys detailing cars. He has also worked with his brother for over 20 years doing roofing work, concrete, decks and patios.

Tony is originally from Buckingham and currently lives in Appomattox with his wife. Tony is definitely a family man and comes from a big family. He has 4 brothers and 1 sister and a total of 32 nieces and nephews. He has a 25 year old daughter KyShara and a 3 year old granddaughter Zariyah. Tony calls her "Ry Ry." Tony's grandfather name is Papa and he was very proud to share that his grandbaby Ry Ry's first word was Papa. 

Thank you to everyone at our Powhatan Plant for nominating Tony! Our Asphalt Plant Manager, Justin Mingus shared some great qualities about Tony. "The man drives an hour and a half each way to work every day and hasn’t called out once unless it's weather related. He does everything that is asked of him and keeps this plant clean and up to snuff. I've heard Mr. Earl say that he's never seen this plant look the way it has before Tony was hired. Tony calls things out when he sees something wrong or something doesn’t look right. He goes above and beyond of what is expected of him, such as running the loader to give our main guy a break on busy days, greasing the plant and fetching up tools that we need when we run into issues with the plant. He does his job, doesn’t complain and keeps the guys here entertained."


Way to go, Tony! We are proud that you are a part of the Colony family! Thank you for your dedication and all that you do! 


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