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April 2021 Employee of the Month:

Donovan "DJ" Briggs

DJ has been at Colony a little over a year. He is currently a Screed/Paver Operator on Neil's Paving Crew. DJ is Donovan Jr. so that's how the nickname DJ came about. He also said people would mistake his name for Jonathan or another name, so DJ it was. When asked, what has been your favorite part about working here so far? DJ said, "the people who work here."

DJ has always lived in Virginia and he currently lives in Chesterfield. DJ shared that when he's not at work he loves playing basketball. He loves hibachi restaurants and one of his favorite meals is chicken hibachi. Something he doesn't like that surprises most people is mac n cheese. 

Our Paving Foreman Neil Williams complimented DJ. "This is his first year at running the screed and he is doing a great job. He also took over my crew truck and is doing a great job at that too."

Awesome job DJ! We are glad you are a part of the Colony family! Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication! 



Ricardo Pereyra Garcia.jpg

Ricardo Pereyra Garcia

Sweeper Truck Operator


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