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July 2023 Employee of the Month:

Erica Jackson

Erica has been with us for one year in our Trucking Division. She started out on the Dump Truck and just recently trained on the Tack Truck. She said she likes a challenge and has really enjoyed learning the Tack Truck.


Erica has a lot of fun at work and talked about how she really loves the family atmosphere here at Colony. Besides the Tack Truck, another challenge Erica said she’s enjoyed is working on night work and adjusting to work with limited lighting.


Erica was born and raised in Virginia and has lived in Chesterfield for 20+ years. She is very family oriented and when she’s not at work, she loves hanging out with her family and her 11 year old son Marcus. Marcus just started his first day of middle school this past Monday. Erica also loves skating, football, and basketball.


Coop Trent complimented Erica, “I have trained Erica in the tack truck and she has learned it very well. She’s now working on night work in the tack doing a great job. She has a great attitude, and she’s very likable on every job that she goes on. The inspectors compliment her a lot and she always is on time for work. She doesn’t complain about anything and she is always happy and likes working here with the Colony family.”


Thank you Erica for all of your hard work and dedication! We are happy to have you be a part of the Colony family!



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