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September 2023 Employee of the Month:

Evan Maliangos

Evan has been with Colony a little over 1 year now. He is in our Paving Division on Neil’s Paving Crew. One thing that Evan enjoys most about his job is the work environment. He said all the people are nice and friendly and each crew is like a mini family.


Evan has his 22nd Birthday coming up next week on November 3rd - so please join us in wishing Evan an early Happy Birthday! He said he plans to spend celebrating his Birthday with friends in Richmond and probably have a cookout. Some of Evan’s favorite foods are ribs, pizza, and steak.


Evan was born in Poughkeepsie, New York and he also lived in Maryland when he was younger. He’s been in Virginia for the past 18 years though, so he definitely considers VA home and he loves it here. Evan’s favorite way to spend his day off is hunting, fishing, or building and working on cars. He currently has a Jeep Cherokee that he’s working on.


Paving Foreman, Neil Williams complimented Evan. “Evan Maliangos is a hardworking young man. He can do a lot of different jobs and he will do anything that is asked of him. Evan is always ready to work and I couldn’t ask for a better employee.”


Thank you Evan for all of your hard work and dedication! We are thankful you are a part of the Colony family!


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