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October 2022 Employee of the Month:

Joey Mayeaux

Joey has been a truck driver here at Colony for 4 years now. You'll mainly see him driving a dump truck but he drives a sweeper truck as well when needed.

When he's not driving for Colony, he's driving school buses for Chesterfield County. Growing up, his Mom was a school bus driver and Joey was able to ride the school bus she drove when he was a kid. Looking up to his Mom is what first sparked his interest of becoming a school bus driver and truck driver professionally. 

Joey's favorite part about his job is being able to go to different places every day and do something different every day. When he's not at work, Joey loves hanging out with his close friends. He's even driving a bus of his friends around to all go see the Richmond Tacky Light Tour. 

His favorite tv show is The Golden Girls and Blanche has always been his favorite character. Some of his favorite restaurants are Texas Roadhouse and Captain George's - he loves the crab legs here!

Our Trucking Foreman, Adam Lawson complimented Joey. "Joey is always at work and on time every day or night, whichever one we need him to work. He does it with no complaints. Joey is polite to everyone at Colony and the inspector Colony works for. Joey goes above every time he is asked to do a task. He gets pulled in several directions with the sweeper truck but never complains and always does the task at hand with a smile. Joey keeps his dump truck and the older sweeper truck he operates clean."

Thank you Joey for your dependability and hard work! We are grateful to have you be a part of the Colony family!



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