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June 2022 Employee of the Month:

Matrice Brown

Matrice has been with Colony for 2 years now. He is currently on Carl's paving crew. Matrice first started out as a shovel man, then moved up to loot man, and now he's currently training on the screed. 

Matrice said he's really enjoying the screed so far. Sometimes it's a challenge but he likes that and enjoys learning and getting better at what he does. Matrice talked more about what he likes best about his job. "Work wise, I like learning new things and learning how to operate new equipment and having fun with my foreman. I try to work hard and get it done and keep a smile on Carl's face every day."

When Matrice isn't at work, he enjoys playing cornhole and horseshoes. Matrice has 3 girls who are 12, 9, and 8 months old. Matrice currently lives in Buckingham. He lived in Bedford for awhile and moved back to Buckingham a few years ago in 2019. 

Paving Foreman, Carl Osborne, had great things to say about Matrice. "He has made great progress in the past seasons. He started as a shovel man, moved to loot man, and now he's running the screed for paving crew 3. He has a positive attitude and outlook on the job ahead of him no matter what it may be."


Thank you Matrice for all of your hard work and dedication! We are so glad you are a part of the Colony family!



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