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October 2023 Employee of the Month:

Taylor Amos

Taylor has been with Colony over a year now. Taylor is a Field Tech in our Quality Control Division. Taylor said her job is fun and she loved getting to demo Troxler’s nuclear density gauge recently. Looking back on the year, Taylor also enjoyed working on our project out at Fort Barfoot earlier this year.


Outside of work, Taylor loves spending time hunting. Taylor is looking forward to Thanksgiving and spending time with family in Pennsylvania. Taylor’s favorite Thanksgiving dish is definitely mashed potatoes and gravy.


Our Vice President of Quality Control, Travis Cable, had a lot of great things to say about Taylor. “Taylor came to work for Colony 2 years ago not knowing anything about asphalt testing. Taylor quickly learned how to perform her duties in the field with ease. Taylor is always wanting to learn more about the paving operation and how the equipment works so she can be better at her job.


Taylor has excelled in her role. Taylor has learned not only how to perform her job but how to trouble shoot issues and make corrections in the field with little to no supervision. What stands out about Taylor the most is her communication skills with the crews and inspectors. Taylor always talks with the crew keeping them abreast on density issues as well as when everything is running good. Taylor shows respect to the inspectors and communicates daily with her goals for the day. Taylor always has a smile and it is very clear that she loves her job.”


Project Manager, Sean Fidler, also complimented Taylor. “Taylor is one of the hardest workers in the QC field. Taylor always goes above and beyond when she is in the field, whether it is testing or keeping up communications with VDOT. Taylor also keeps me informed on how the mix is running and if she has any issues and is not afraid to call and ask for help or advice.”


Thank you Taylor for all your hard work and dedication! We are grateful you are a part of the Colony family!


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