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Maliangos, Evan.jpg

September 2023

Evan Maliangos

Evan’s favorite way to spend his day off would be hunting, fishing, or building and working on cars.

Blake Osborne-1.jpg

August 2023

Blake Osborne

Blake loves to spend time with his friends and his family. This weekend, him and a group of his friends are going camping. 

Erica Jackson-2.jpg

July 2023

Erica Jackson

Erica loves hanging out with her 11 year old son Marcus. She also enjoys skating, football, and basketball.

Lionel Bowles.jpg

June 2023

Lionel Bowles

Lionel or "LB" calls Farmville home and loves living there. Outside of work LB enjoys playing soccer and basketball. 

Isaiah Henderson.jpg

May 2023

Isaiah Henderson

Isaiah is looking forward to his first cruise. He’ll be going to Jamaica next Spring and is very excited about that trip!

Sam Tackett-2.jpg

April 2023

Sam Tackett

Sam loves baseball and softball and played as a kid growing up. He now gets to coach his nephew’s team.

Crawley, Jermaine.jpg

March 2023

Jermaine Crawley

When Jermaine's not at work he enjoys working on his lawn and fishing at Bear Creek Lake for some peace of mind.

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